[RELEASE] Advance Adf.ly Bot [RELEASE]

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This is a Adf.ly bot i created which clicks your link and then clicks a link from the network of people using the program. The more people who use the program the more $money$ everyone makes.When you close the program your link is removed from the network and re-added once u start the program again.


1.Enter Link
2.Press start until it dissapears(This will begin the process and add your link to the network)

2014 Update: Proxy support added
8/3/2014 Update: Fixed bugs.
8/6/2014 Update: Made Clicking a lot faster
8/6/2014 Update: Changed clicking pattern and removed waste clicking
8/6/2014 Update: Added option to choose your own proxy list
8/6/2014Update: Changed Webhost
8/6/2014 Update: Turned network back on
8/17/2014 Update: Server Should be up 100% of the time now =D
8/17/2014 Update: Fixed some bugs
8/17/2014 Update: Now able to use internet explorer with the bot as long as proxys are not enabled.
8/17/2014 Update: Should be able to run both my bots at the same time now unless proxys are enabled on both.
8/17/2014 Update: Clicking ratio edited.
8/25/2014 Update: Fixed exiting bug.
8/29/2014 Update: Added exit button to button below show/hide button
10/25/2014 Update: Edited Link system

click here to download

Right now i am using a free webhost which goes down frequently causing the bot to malfunction. Donating will help me to get a webhost that is up 100% of the time.


"Hearing what's seemed cautious to ask" / owner
මෙ පොස්ට් එකෙන් මොනවම හරි ඉගෙන ගත්තනම් සයිට් එක ඉදිරියට කරගෙන යැමට මෙ යට ඇඩ් එක Click කරල හෙල්ප් එකක් දෙන්න ස්තුතියි.


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